Between working on paintings Bel-Jon started to experiment with his
techniques for murals on metal.  His love of metal had begun during his
time in the L'Ecole du louvre laboratories.  Once he began his
experiments in Los Angeles he fell in love with the tone and quality of

Bel-Jon later wrote “As an artist, I had the compulsion to translate in art
what I sensed of the energies and spirit of this prosperous land.  The
media of my experiences in Europe were obsolete, as far as I was
concerned and I had no desire to imitate the American Artists of that
time.  Swept by the spirit of experimentation that I felt in the American
climate, I began to forge new concepts.”

Bel-Jon said that he found in the “white metals” of the U.S., the materials
to reflect the “variations in mood, the dramatic emotionalism and the
power and inventiveness of the West.”