Once in San Francisco, Bel-Jon found employment painting decorative
murals for Eckles  round California. He made the acquaintance of
designer and muralist Don Clever who began to woo Bel-Jon to paint for
his design firm occasionally too.  He painted murals for both companies
and they both began to employ his new metal techniques in their
commissions.  It was around this time that he changed his name from
Baloyannis to Bel-Jon.    

Bel-Jon was very taken with Clever and the successful designer quickly saw
the potential of Bel-Jon’s new technique and offered him full time work.  
Clever had many connections and a good name in the San Francisco Bay
area and was quickly selling Bel-Jon’s murals under both of their names.

Early on Clever was interviewed on this marvelous new art form and
surprisingly gave no credit to Bel-Jon in the interview.  When questioned
by Bel-Jon, Clever credited the omission to nerves and Bel-Jon forgave him.