The Nikos Bel-Jon Virtual Gallery
The Bel-Jon car was designed in 1956. He named it after his daughter
Athena. The 1938 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe was redesigned by building the
frame out with clay and then covering it with metal mosaic tiles and
fiberglass. The hood and roof of the car were translucent.  In 1959 Bel-Jon
drove his family cross country in this car. Unfortunately his creative hood
design reduced air circulation in the engine and the car overheated the
entire 3,000 mile trip. Athena was featured in the 1960 Greek Independence
Day parade in New York.  The beautiful car attracted attention wherever it
went, but soon after the parade it had to be sold as the Police felt it caused
too much of a distraction parked on the New York City streets.

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The Nikos Bel-Jon Virtual Gallery