Photo Holder
Ambassador Apartments -
Mural of Various Metals
Rev. and Mrs. Robert
Mackie - Torch Cut
Dr. & Mrs. George
Petropoulos - 3 Brushed
Aluminum Murals
Eleni and Costa
Kyriakopoulos - Brushed
Ruth Ellington - Mosaic
of Various Metals
Droscenes Restaurant - 1
Brushed Aluminum and 1
Mosaic of Various Metals

Bel-Jon made an uncountable
number of abraded stainless
or brass elevator doors for
Otis Elevators.  One com-
mission alone was for 68 sets
of doors.
Otis Elevators
Hickock Jewelry - Tin Plated
Town and Country Travel
Brushed Aluminum
Tower of Light - NYWF - 4
Textured Raised Metal

Bel-Jon also created many
pieces for Ariston for the US
Military .  Records exist, but
no photos have been found
to date.  Bel-Jon developed a
close relationship with Mike
Sotirhos, who later became
Ambassador Sotirhos.
Sotirhos was instrumental in
getting Bel-Jon involved in
the Royal Greek Consulate
Ariston Interiors
New York Studio - Residential and Other Misc. Commissions. - click image for details and enlargements